An Inspired Gathering: Documentary Film.

An Inspired Gathering will screen on Culture night in Cork on September 23rd 2011.

This 30 minute documentary premiered at The Kerry Film Festival 2008

The film features members of the West Cork Craft and Design Guild with a commentary by Jeremy Irons, Patron of the Guild. 

In October 2007 Robb was commissioned by the West Cork Craft and Design Guild to make a film about the work of its members. This documentary shows the making process and inspiration of each craft which often comes from the stunning West Cork landscape and seashore.

Filming involved visiting twenty workshops in West Cork,Ireland and finding land and seascapes that represented the source of inspiration for many in the group.

Robb interviewed Jeremy Irons for the commentary in the film in March 2008. Jeremy talked about the role of the Guild in the production and design of high quality crafts in Ireland today and how awareness of the maker and the process helps develop a realtionship between those who buy crafts and those who make it.

The music for this film was composed by Edel Sullivan and

Ger Wolfe 

View clip of Etain Hickey decorating a bowl (full size)

The film focuses on four main areas.

Ceramics, Wood, Metal and Jewellery. 


Jim Turner, David Seeger, Sara Roberts, Patrica McCoy, Etain Hickey, Robert Lee, Julian Smith


Thomas Kay, Kieran Higgins, Alison Ospina,

Metal &Jewellery

Marika O;Sullivan, Aoife O’Mahony, Rory Connor


Eleanor Calnan, Helen Stringer, Sharon Rose, Paula Marten, Sally Smart.

A Review of 'An Inspired Gathering' 

by Catherine Ketch. Irish Examiner


An Inspired Gathering which was produced and directed by Robb Bradstock shows how craft workers in a variety of disciplines are inspired by nature. Partially narrated by Jeremy Irons, who is patron of the Guild, the film is mainly visual with music by Edel Sullivan and Ger Wolfe using instrumental versions of his songs.

J. Irons who is featured in the film talks about the role of crafts in West cork and why they are so important. He also gives an insight into his own personal feelings on why he likes to have certain art or craft work. 

Members of the Guild fall into many different categories including ceramics,wood jewellery & textiles. Each one is dealt with in sequence showing the artist at work in their own space. Some have a very obvious connection with nature and this is brought out by juxtaposing scenes in nature with the creation of their work in the locality with some wonderful shots of nature close up in West Cork.

October 2008


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