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 'In Search of DARASH'

A new film about a unique band from Granada in Spain, Now in post-production (2018)

Darash was started in 2014 in Granada, Spain, the result of a meeting of musicians with a wide range of musical influences. Pablo González Cobo is the main composer who he plays the bouzouki, baglama, oud, acoustic bass and lafta. Jorge Parada Castellano plays guitar, mandolin, mandola and banjo. Juan Cabello Donayre plays the violin, rabel, zanfona, Iranian santur and Cretan lyre; Juan Antonio Rodríguez plays the clarinet, kaval, flute, bagpipes, transverse flute, low, whistle, recorder and spoons, and Juana Larreta plays the darbuka, bendir and cajón flamenco. The different musical influences each of them brings (rock, Celtic, Flamenco, Sephardic, Arab, Turkish and Andalusian, etc.) creates a unique and fascinating sound. 

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